THE color for 2019 has been selected. Coral, and all variations,  has always been a favorite of mine. It is so warm and inviting. “Coral Sands” brings to mind beautiful beach resorts. It is sociable, optimistic and full of joy. Coral is a color found in nature. It is a sunset color.

I’m thrilled that this color will permeate all areas in 2019.  My personal choices for color are in the Sunset Palette. According to Leatrice Eiseman in her book More Alive With Color, the elements of fire and earth underscore the Sunset palette. These are the colors that make me happy.  There is so much to the psychology of color.  I think everyone should take the time to analyze how they feel when they are wearing certain colors or look at colors. It is very telling!

Living Coral will warm up our visual field this year. I hope that we see it in home décor.  It is a natural for apparel because it is such a cosmetic  color. Who wouldn’t want to be warmed up with coral?

And all of a sudden it’s Fall…

Of course, this is no surprise. It is, after all, almost Thanksgiving. The weather is finally changing. The leaves have changed colors and the temperatures are dropping, but my sweaters are not all unpacked yet. We have been busy taking road trips (blogs on that will be coming soon), but let’s first take a look at what you need to think about, add or pull out of your closet for fall.

Bold color is a major statement this fall. The magazines have been loving Hot Pink and bold gold (Wall Street Journal market report referred to it as the “gold standard”).  The neutrals for the season are charged with bolts of color.

Suiting is a big statement. The blazer is “having a moment” again. Oversize blazers are having a major moment. Suit jackets for 2018 give us a variety of lengths. There are knee length jackets, double breasted jackets and single or two button closures. The best looking ones are in soft gray Glen plaids, houndstooth checks and you’ll even see gangster stripe black and white. These suit jackets are often paired with loose cut trousers.

Dresses continue to hold their position for a Must Have. Midi lengths are strong. Prints are the big story. Strong boots give these very floating feminine styles and prints an edge.

As far as prints go, select anything leopard and you will be all set. Stripes are very happy and popular this season is a rainbow stripe. These are shown in dresses tops and sweaters.

Midi skirts in plaids or solids with knee boots give you instant style as does an oversize cardigan with a skinny belt.

Coats for 2018- trench coats are prevalent as are faux furs and cuddly coats.

As I always say, shop your closet, then add pieces to update your look.

The Colors of Fall 2018

We already know that the CHOSEN color for 2018 is Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838). Now let’s look at colors specific to Fall/Winter.

Pantone has broken it down to the Top 10 colors and in addition they have given us 5 core colors. I think that the colors selected for this Fall/Winter are very wearable and allow us to express our individuality and be a bit creative.

As we are seeing in apparel, colors are extending across seasons in order to give extended life to what we are wearing. Today, most of our closets span the seasons. We no longer go into complete closet switches twice a year. There is a lot of cross over and layering to change the way you wear something.  It also allows you to mix it up and combine unexpected color and then call it your own.

Here are the Top 10 Colors for Fall/Winter 2018:

Left to right: Red Pear, Valiant Poppy, Nebulas Blue

Left to right: Ceylon Yellow (spicy yellow), Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet

Left to right: Crocus Petal, Limelight (yellow-green), Quetzal Green (blue green)

CLASSIC COLOR PALETTE: Worn for all seaons

Top Left to right: Sargasso Sea, Tofu (cream), Almond Buff.  Bottom left to right: Quiet Gray, Meerkat (toasted brown).

Let yourself go and combine some colors that you might not ordinarily have put together. You can also let your color story be one color standing alone.   It’s all good!

Heavenly Bodies

The exhibition Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC through 10/8/18. It is well worth a visit.

Heavenly Bodies features the work of designers who were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. They are not necessarily practicing now, but most acknowledge its influence on their imaginations. On the surface, this is expressed through Catholic imagery and religious orders.

Cassocks, soutane, Cappa Magna (the great cape) worn as choir dress by  Cardinals and Bishops for special and solemn liturgical occasions influenced these dresses (left Alexander McQueen, right Valentino)


Habits: these are ensembles and accessories from female religious dress. They influenced the styles below.

Left by Rosella Jardine (House of Moschino- Spring summer 2014). This one is very theatrically expressed in the veil that recalls the iconic white winged headdress of the Daughters of Charity popularized by Sally  Fields in the Flying Nun.  Center by Dolce and Gabbana (Spring/Summer 2016).  Right by Thom Brown (Autumn/winter 2011-12) inspired by The Sound of Music.

There were many gowns showing the religious influence on the designer’s creativity.

Left to right-Yves Saint Laurent, Riccardo Tisci, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix.

These are easily translated to evening wear

By far my favorites were “Madonna” wedding ensemble from John Galliano (House of Dior) autumn/winter 2005-06 (below)


And “Madonna” evening ensemble by Thierry Mugler  autumn/winter 1984-85 (below)


This Mugler creation was shown at his show on a model as she was lowered from the ceiling on a cloud of dry ice as if she was descending from heaven.

There were so many glorious gowns to see. So much eye candy! If you can, go to see the exhibition. It runs until 10/8/18 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Tips and Trends

Last night was a workshop at Nordstrom to tie in with their Pre-Fall Sale. The workshop was conducted by Sherice, an assistant manager/stylist at the Paramus location. Here are some highlights from the presentation.

The theme for this workshop was tips to build your wardrobe to get multiple uses out of your purchases. She started with a sleep shirt and showed  you how could get multiple uses from it. This was a perfect spot to start for me because Intimate Apparel/Loungewear was the longest part of my career. This year it seems like many women will be taking it to the streets! Sherice took a raspberry and white cotton sleep shirt from Rails (on sale for $98.90) and dressed it for the street.  Add a sneaker (Ugg has a sneaker now with a textured and leather upper on sale for $79.90.), a belt and a handbag. Then as the weather gets cooler, add a cardigan, a legging (try Spanx Moto legging on sale $72.90), a short boot or a knee boot.                          img_2723

The next look to build on is a color block fit and flare sleeveless dress from Vince Camuto on sale for $78.90. Wear it as is now with either a sneaker or a dressier shoe. Transition this with a moto leather jacket and later add a long cardigan (Sherice showed us a gorgeous cashmere cardigan from Halogen on sale for $199.99) add some jewelry, a low boot or a knee boot.

We saw a Tahari jacket in gray with pink woven into the plaid portion of the jacket. This can be worn as a blazer substitute or, when closed and a scarf is added, it is outerwear. This is on sale for $179.90.

Other items of interest in the store were kimono styles in chiffon or silk. Again, intimate apparel robes leaving the house!

It was an interesting workshop. With the ideas presented you can shop your closet, other retailers and online to create the looks at price points and comfort levels that work for you. Enjoy.

Checking up on my “rewiring”

Three years ago I wrote a blog “Don’t consider it retiring…consider it rewiring”.  It is a big deal going from a long, satisfying career to not having one any longer! Adjustments must be made. You need to rewire. I have been thinking about this lately and decided to do a quick evaluation on my own “rewiring”.

My retirement started off taking care of my parent’s needs.  Many of us experience this as their first phase of retirement because our parents are living so much longer now. After my Dad passed away, Mom moved into a great assisted living residence in a town next to mine. We all became very active in what was going on in Mom’s life. There was never any hesitation that this is what I was meant to do.

I consider myself  an “organizer”.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have been an organizer since grade school! I enjoy putting activities together for everyone and apparently I’m good at it since people still expect that I will be the one to organize what ever needs organizing.

It seemed perfectly natural to me start a “daughters” group at Mom’s residence. I called it a daughters group, but I had some sons involved too.  I started by chatting with 4 other daughters who I saw there on a regular basis. I thought it would be great for all of our parents if we were there to advocate for them. This residence was very well run, but there are always things that need tweaking. After getting to know each other a little bit we made a date with the administrator. We discussed things we wanted to see happen. As time went on our meetings became very meaningful. Other staff members were attending our meetings too. This included the chef and food services, head of nursing, activities directors, housekeeping managers. We were known by all as “the daughters”. The highest number the group reached was 20. This represented a huge monthly income to the residence so we were taken very seriously. We met on a regular basis with the administrator. We got lots done for our parents.  Along with this came new friendships with people who truly understood the journey we were all on. Through our time at Mom’s residence we got to know some very interesting people. We met people with very diverse backgrounds. Over the course of 3 1/2 years, we met business executives, business owners, musicians (to include one of the first female drummers who played on the Ed Sullivan Show), one of the Bozo the Clowns from the 50’s (my husband loved to chat with him!!), therapists, nurses, homemakers and Holocaust survivors. If you take the time to talk to people it is amazing to see how happy you make them and how happy it makes you! I hope that from all of this that I had a positive impact on the last chapters of someone’s life.

People say that from this journey with Mom I could write a book. Perhaps I will. The emphasis would be on the dynamic of AGING children taking on the responsibilities of parenting their parents.

Now that Mom has passed away I am shifting my purpose. We are now involved with start up of a 55+ group at our church and have joined the Historic Society in our county and plan on volunteering in some capacity there. Our traveling continues at an even more stepped up rate since we have more flexibility now.  We have taken up Bridge and are enjoying that too. And we are also enjoying our grandchildren who are a constant source of wonder and delight.

There continues to be lots on my plate which is just the way I like it. I think my “rewiring” is going very well. How is yours coming along??






















Today is national Best Friends Day. When I heard that this morning it made me smile. What makes me smile is to think about my “best friends”.

My tribe spans 57 years.

I still have strong ties with two girls I became friends with in junior high school. I am still in touch with many school friends but I have a strong friendship with both Susan and Carol.

Moving along to college age, I have a longtime friend from those years too. Dorothy and I have maintained a friendship for 51 years. Lots of water and adventures under that bridge.

My career years brought many lasting friendships. My friendships with Rosy, Maria and Julie developed as we grew in our careers. Everyone from those days knew that the 4 of us were going to be life long friends.  Rosy was my first friend at my first job. In fact, she trained me for the job. Knowing Rosy brought me to an entire group of fun, active singles! We are a group of 15 men and women who get together every year from all over to spend time together. We have been through so much together- weddings, babies and now grandbabies, divorce, and death. We have all been there for each other and the bond continues to grow. New partners have been brought into the group after divorce and the death of one in our group. And the group always accepts your choice because they understand and accept you.

Another long time friend is a woman I did charity fund raising with starting in the 80’s. Then we started to have European adventures after my divorce. Lots of great memories! Jane sent me the best birthday card this year. It says “We’re like Polka Dots and Stripes. Totally cute on  our own, but more fun and fabulous together”. Perfect!!

I am so blessed that I have been fortunate to have made two more close friends at precisely the exact moment we needed each other. I met Dee and Sharon while our Moms were in assisted living. Our friendship has grown as we went through the same journey to the death of our mothers. The three moms had also been friends and died within a 4 months period. We three are still going strong.

There are also “friends” who have fallen out of my life. Sometimes you can’t even figure out when the relationship veered off course. But it happens and we all know there are people who are only in our lives for a reason or a season. Let it go and keep the good memories.

Now, I have the addition of the ultimate “best friend”, my husband.

Always keep your girlfriends even if time and distance separate you. If you are really lucky they will stay a lifetime with you. And remember, they are the ones you will be able to get in trouble with when you hit the nursing home!


Haute Sport was the topic for the May workshop at Nordstrom.

This has been a category in runway reports. I don’t feel it is a category that crosses all groups and life styles. But, it is a trend and I will share with you. Athleisure  has been with us for awhile now.

The main attraction here is the sport logos. In the display at Nordstrom for this trend Adidas was well represented. There are a variety of tops as well as side striped track pants, skirts, and a dress.  There are also shorts and tights.  Hooded sweatshirts are  big for this trend and as well as zip front jackets. Of interest to me was a yellow jacket and a stripe jacket.

There are designers doing dressy track suits and sequined items within this category too. For name designers, the look is body conscious dresses and tanks. As I said, this look is not for everyone!


“…cherish your human connections…”

What a powerful statement. It was spoken by Barbara Bush in the 1990 commencement address she gave at Wellesley College.

To many people, Mrs. Bush was an extension of her husband as First Lady. To me, she was a woman of substance. Her wit and her honest, spot-on comments and observations were so refreshing.

Out of one commencement address you can get words to live by for your lifetime.

“…believe in something larger than yourself…”

“Whether you are talking about education, career, or service, you are talking about life and life must have joy. It’s supposed to be fun.”

“…cherish your human connections, your relationships with family and friends. At the end of your life , you will never regret not having passed one more test, winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a child, a friend or a parent…”

I think we can all say that Barbara Bush died with no regrets. She was a great woman.