Fall 2017…SEEING RED

Here we are at September 1, 2017. Definitely time to start thinking about Fall colors.

For Fall here are the Pantone colors:

17-1558 Grenadine-It is a powerful red. It is a warm red that to my eye has a coral-orange base rather than a Christmas red. Very attractive color that will be great on a variety of skin tones.  Think about the color of the syrup used for some cocktails like a Singapore Sling or a Pink Lady.

19-1725 Tawny Port- sticking with the alcohol references, think about a glass of Port wine.  This is a rich and sophisticated color in the deep red family.

13-2808 Ballet Slipper– this is a very soft pink “descended from the red family” but so soft. This was our go-to pink when I was buying or merchandising lingerie and sleepwear. It is very flattering and gives the wearer a rosy glow.

16-1341 Butterum– a warm tan shade. Think of a perfectly toasted slice of bread, or , if you want to stay with the alcohol references, think of a glass of Butterum!

19-4029 Navy Peony– This shade of navy is a perfect anchoring color. Some say it takes some of the load off of black as everyone’s go-to color. Navy is actually more flattering to most complexions than black is. But, seriously, would anyone ever surrender black in their wardrobe?

17-4402 Neutral Gray– Pantone refers to this as “the standard bearer of all neutrals.” This color also anchors the palette and can either be an accent or a total monochromatic outfit.

19-4524 Shaded Spruce- This is a beautiful deep shade of green with a lot of blue in it. Think of the Blue Spruce trees that some people choose for their Christmas tree.

16-0543 Golden Lime– Very earthy shade with golden undertones. This is a nice complement to the fall palette.

17-4041 Marina- This is a beautiful shade of blue. It is the only cool color in the palette and it is fresh and bright.

17-1145 Autumn Maple– THE autumnal color. This is a warm color and is a combination of rusts. Think falling leaves.

A new color has been created by Pantone and the Prince Estate. It will be called “Love Symbol #2″. It is a distinctive blue base purple developed to honor Prince. This will insure that there will be consistency with the color and will safeguard his legacy forever.


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