For me, the only drawback to the change of season is that I have to put my sandals away until spring.

Fall…I love the clean, crisp air and getting my closet transitioned for the season.  Time to reevaluate what I have and what I need (well, really the word is want) to add for this season.

For most of the women I know there are a few really good trends for fall and holiday that will update your look. One key look for this season is lace. You will see lace dresses, shirts, jackets, tops and tees. It is trimming everything-jeans as well as the hems on many styles of knit tops.  Open work detail is also popular this season in burnout velvet for tops and dusters. You will also see lots of velvet in pants, tops and jackets. The look is very boho and is very attractive. There is also a strong presence of embroidery. Embroidery is on jeans, tops, sweaters, jackets.  The motif is primarily floral which ties in to another big look for the season. Something in a floral print is a must-have. Having been intimately involved in selecting and editing prints throughout my career, I can tell you that the floral prints being shown this season are really beautiful and very wearable. Bold and cold shoulders continue. Good thing because that was an addition I made in 2016!  Along side of shoulders being exposed are cozy tunic sweaters. The look is best with midi length skirts. Sweaters are not just pull-overs, look for drape front cardigans (which have been trending for several seasons) and fit-and-flare styles.  Sleeves are center stage. Bell sleeves (both modified and exaggerated) are the biggest design feature for the season. There are also lots of ruffled and pleated sleeves for you to select. Leather is another factor for this season. If you really want to make a statement, go for a double look- top and pant or top and skirt. A finishing touch would be a silk scarf to soften the look. And, a more affordable approach is faux leather which has been gaining in popularity and acceptance for many years.

Boots deserve a separate paragraph. If you really want to “kick” up your look buy a pair of boots! Ankle boots continue to dominate the category but this year there are many styles available in over-the-knee and a ’70’s slouchy look. Heel heights vary quite a bit so there really is something for everyone. There are even boots that sparkle and there are winter white boots (As I write this I am hearing Nancy Sinatra singing “these boots are made for walkin’ “).  The love of embroidery and prints this season reaches all the way down to your toes. There are some beautiful printed and embroidered styles out there. These fall into the pricier category though, and obviously won’t be worn with everything.

In articles I’ve read they talk about a “statement piece” in high shine and cited that a trench coat translates this best. This brought back so many memories for me! My Dad was in the fashion business and when I was starting college he saw a red vinyl maxi trench coat and brought it home for me! I was so excited I could not wait to wear it! Needless to say you could spot me across campus. Wish I had  kept it. Gee, we always get rid of the wrong stuff.

To sum up, for a quick style up date consider lace, velvet, embroidery, floral print, and a new pair of boots!

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